Warhammer Online: The Friday Grab Bag – March 29, 2013


Last week we said we were not going to have a Grab Bag. We changed our minds.

Each week the Warhammer Dev Team take questions from the community websites and the core testers. Make sure you keep an eye out on these websites for ways to submit your questions.

From these questions five are picked by Keaven and Kevin and answered in what we are calling “The Friday Grab Bag”.

The community sites take turns in featuring the answers to these questions for each language.

This week the following sites have the exclusive answers:

  • English: BioWare Social Network
  • German: WAAAGH.de
  • French: Blamanche
  • Italian: Giuseppe_mmorpgitalia.it

The Questions

  • Would an in-realm duel option (without rewards) be possible?
  • Burning Elixir causes latency and performance issues, plus they’re commonly used to unfairly win fights that would otherwise be balanced. Are we going to see these toned down?
  • Since release, there are, in WAR, some areas close to the Tier 4 that are almost totally unknown, unused and deserted. Have you ever considered the idea of expanding or extending the RvR lake to these areas or to the part of maps dedicated to PvE?
  • Could PvE PQs be promoted somehow to encourage their use? such as rewarding with a healthy amount of Ordnance / Skulls or Crests?
  • I understand a reason for displaying who is under the effect of the Edge Stone but could there be an option to disable the effect on your client? It does not look good.

For the answers to these questions please visit the post on BioWare Social Network.

No Planned Grab Bag Next Week

Due to the MMORPG.com livestream April 3, 2013 which will feature Keaven who will be asked some questions as Grakulen explores some parts of these game.

We will not be planning a Grab Bag for next week. This may change.

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