Warhammer Online: The Friday Grab Bag – April 12, 2013


Last week we had a ton of questions answered during the Wayback Wednesday livestream. This week we return to normal.

Each week the Warhammer Dev Team take questions from the community websites and the core testers. Make sure you keep an eye out on these websites for ways to submit your questions.

From these questions five are picked by Keaven and Kevin and answered in what we are calling “The Friday Grab Bag”.

The Questions

Etaew: Could we allow people to log out instantly when they are in the capital cities instead of waiting for 20s?

KEVIN: I don’t think there is a switch we can flip to simply turn that on but it is a good idea.

Giuseppe: Each class has 3 different types of specialization, why do not give to these its own specific armors?

KEVIN: That’s possible and we have considered that in the past. Even if we do this, I don’t think we’ll get new artwork…

Penril: Could we see more monster play options unlocked, and could we see anything in Tier 1 to help gather interest to subscribe?

KEVIN: I have a lot of ideas for Play-as-Monster that I would like to see in the game. It’s just a matter of actually getting them into the game. We practically have to build them from scratch. Usually the abilities the monsters currently have on them are not balanced to be used by players and most (if not all) monster abilities are missing icons (monsters don’t need icons to use their abilities!). So we have to borrow from existing icons, alter copies of the abilities, and then set up all the Play-as-Monster parts that actually allow players to take over. Oh and get GW approval.

Fernetek: As a potential returning player (back when the renown limit was lower), I am put off by the massive grind ahead of me. What can be done to ease the burdon or to encourage me to return?

KEVIN: There are a lot of things that are making it easier to gain renown faster than ever before.

Azulrinn: What is the report process for cheaters? Could we see RR loss as well as temporary bans as a deterrent?

KEVIN: By default, the H key will bring up your Help Window. The button in the center for CSR Appeal will take you to the appropriate place to report cheaters and exploiters.

Next Week

And there you have the questions and answers for this week.

Next week we will be featuring another 5 questions and answers, so get your suggestions into one of the community sites.

If you want to suggest a question for next week you will need to make a post by Tuesday evening  in order for us to select the questions and give them to Mythic in enough time for a Friday reply.

You can leave us a comment on one of our sites, or look for a forum post by kerbear on the WAR forums.

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