Warhammer Online


I know right? It’s been a while since I’ve loaded up the game, but for at least the past week I have been able to log in without any subscription. This has allowed me to look around the world, chat with an old guildmate and fill a certain void in my heart.

The game is no longer under development from any perspective the last communication is about half a year ago, but still some people are still paying a subscription.

Origin has also pulled the timecards and paid unlocks from the store which seems quite baffling. Having a company remove a revenue stream for an already small game is strange, we all know the game is in maintenance mode but increasing the amount of income it will have would prolong its life.

As of June 18th, 6 month subscriptions and timecards were removed from the account center and Origin store.

Since Origin and Mythic aren’t putting effort into communicating with players or putting the paid features back onto the store to me it sounds like a prelude to the game shutting down, if we jump forward from the removal of the 6 month subscriptions potentially the game could see an end towards the end of December this year.

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