The Free to Play Proposal – Warhammer Online

Warhammer Online had a number of Free to Play proposals, obviously none of them were accepted. Here is what you could have faced.

There were two basic branches, a true F2P/Freemium experience and a F2P Lite. Which is the only one we have details of.


F2P Lite would have been more likely to get approved since the bulk of the work would have been on changing existing settings not the client.

Expanded Access

All tiers would be opened to Trial Players, there would still be restrictions but they would no longer be confined to T1.

Paid Expansions

Land of the Dead would be locked, making it available only to subscribers, or those who have paid for a MTX one-time-use ticket or a one-time RMT expansion unlock.

Uphill Climb

An XP penalty (SWTOR style) would be added to trial players so they would pool in upper T2 / Lower T3.

Ornamental Gear

The power curve would be flattened by removing stats from gear other than accessories.

Fight Anywhere

A reverse bolster would be applied to lower tier lakes allowing higher leveled characters to participate in fight anywhere, this would only work if the Ornamental Gear system was adopted. (Although we have seen this in T1 Greenskin vs Dwarf very successfully).

WAR Bonds

Purchasable web-store item stored on the account level not the character level and vendors would be in-game selling powerful things.


When F2P lite would be released players would fall into one of two categories.

Champions (Trial / Free)

Players that are not paying a monthly subscription will be flagged as a trial and will be referred to as Champions. These players will have a persistent buff icon showing their Champion designation. Champion of the Armies of Order/Description. The buff icon would list any tooltip information such as any battlefront bonuses.

Heroes (Subscribers)

Players who are paying a monthly subscription would be referred to as Heroes. These players would have a persistent buff icon showing Hero of the Armies of Order / Description as well as listing any current battlefront bonuses. It would also list the XP bonus awarded to subscribers.

Ornamental Gear

( This system would require the technology to automatically go through all the players equipment and swap it out, this technology was never developed and you could never rely on players being able to trade in items)

In order to flatten the power curve from high and lower levels visible armor gear would become cosmetic only, apart from accessory, pocket and event items. This would allow players to customize their looks without affecting combat effectiveness. Also this would give the opportunity to sell appearance gear without the worry of pay to win.

Fight Anywhere

With the power curved flattened, and gear no longer dictating power. Players of higher levels can join their lower leveled friends in fights in all lower tiers. Using a reverse bolster, abilities would scale down to a level with any higher level abilities grayed out. This would make combat more a focus of skill rather than gear.

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