Defiance increases difficulty with DLC 5

DLC 5 titled Arktech Revolution arrived yesterday. It brought with it changes for everyone regardless of if you owned the DLC.

Shields now give you armor plates which reduce damage, your EGO Rating determines the threat level of an encounter which determines the enemies difficulty.

However with these increased difficulties I have not found an increased reward. In some circumstances this is okay, for example during an incursion siege where people usually spawn camp things with detonators. This isn’t as much of a problem now as enemies last longer so you have the potential to earn more points as you shoot them.

The problem I encountered last night was when someone in the clan called for help over an emergency at threat level 10. I jumped in and was amazed at the difficulty, it took a huge amount of time and several people joining us before we completed the emergency and we only received standard rewards.

I felt cheated, like the time I invested into that encounter didn’t translate into an increased reward. I didn’t notice any increased rewards as drops on the ground from the more difficult enemies or any increased rewards as the event ended.

I guess there is a reason that people on the forums called it “the bullet sponge patch”.

I have faith that Trion doesn’t intend this behavior, and that it will be addressed. But how long will it take and will it be too late? who knows.

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  1. I think the game needs to be taken down a level or 2 it is far to difficult now and up untill now i was enjoying playing the game on the xbox 360 and my husband playing it on the playstation 3 but now it has gone to a game that nether of us want to play at the moment

  2. I am an italian fan of many mmo, i joined Defiance as soon as it came out then leave it for another game cause my partner preferred fantasy/medieval mmorpgs.I recently came back after a very long time and , with my surprise, found the game was total fun, easy and with so many improvements.My partner and i decided to stay in Defiance and have an italian clan on our own.It wasn’ t that easy cause (dunno why) italians seem not to like this kind of game but we found a few good members.It all went well till DLC5.My few clan members don’ t login anymore and even my partner and i aren’ t having so much fun anymore.It became very difficult, it takes a long time to kill a high lvl enemy, not to say many times i find it frustrating.I am not sayin to make it as easy as it was before, but as for me i cannot complete missions alone, to tell the truth i am not enjoyng it anymore.i feel sorry not to login cause now i have this clan of mine but i havent seen my members since DLC5 came out and alone i cannot do stuff so, despite i liked it, i think i quit Defiance for a while 🙁

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