Great Britain – Europa Universalis IV

There are very few countries I enjoy playing, I do tend to go for England, Great Britain when available.

My current play session uses the the MEIOU and Taxes mod which adds a bunch of new features, my favourite is the development system. Provinces improve on their own.

The current state of Great Britain  involves holding France and the majority of the Iberian Peninsula. As well as overseas holdings including Egypt, India, and Indonesian Islands.

Subjects include most colonial nations in the Americas, as well as the United Provinces in Europe, which have been freed from Burgundian control.

Ming, which rivals me in Technological, Economical and Military development have been attacking me over several wars for control of Taiwan, but with more ships then the entire world combined they cannot reach it. I have recently taken Guangdong from them as punishment.

It’s not often I play to the end date of EUIV, but in this case I am hooked. I look forward to steady expansion, although the game has become notably slower in calculating.

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  1. Hi Etaew,
    How did this game turn out, i saw you only up to 1741, you still got 115 years of gameplay left. Hope we could see more screenies, even if that the end game. Final comment, like the similar british empire colonalism paths 🙂 and you done any other M+T games, will be interesting to see these also, if done them.

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