Defiance – Hot Crazy Summer Event

The Hot Crazy Summer event has arrived on Defiance, part of the constant chain of events. This event focuses on Incendiary enemies and has you face off against Tankers and Hellbugs.

The Pack

The Falconer Pack is available for 2,600 Bits, and contains:

  • HOT Blast Hatcher weapon
  • Corporate Valentine outfit
  • Hoverbike – TMW Falcon Red/Black
  • Falconer title
  • 18 Loyalty

Obviously the main reason you’d want to buy the pack is the new unique vehicle. The hoverbike is pretty cool. It does feel like a bike even though it’s obviously a standard runner behind the scenes.

The Blast Hatcher is a new weapon as well, it is a shotgun that fires explosive rounds, and attracts parasites. It would still require you to collect the mods for it.

However at £24, it feels like it’s priced far too expensively.

I feel like I’m playing solo

As with every event, expect to only see yourself, or your group (if you are social).

This is one of my biggest issues with Defiance, no matter how creative they get with content or how regularly they create events. If I can’t see other players, I feel like I’m playing on my own.

The main end-game of Defiance are these Major Arkfalls, so why aren’t they handled better.

Oh players! who would have thought?

It’s not that Defiance doesn’t have players…

Event Fatigue?

I’m kinda tired of events constantly. Each event has the same objectives. Pursuits, Contracts, chase jackpots, chase mods.

I do understand why it’s done, the framework exists, and it’s the easiest way to generate “content” right now. However it does get old quickly.

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