AdSense Publisher Policy Violation

Yesterday I received an email from Google Publisher Policy notifying me that one of my sites had an Adsense Publisher Policy Violation.

The email directed me to the AdSense Policy Center and found that the login page for Defiance Data had the flag Valuable Inventory: No content.

Okay sure, it’s a login page, there isn’t a lot of “content”, but there is a reason adverts are showing on the page. It uses the same template as the rest of the site, the same header (which shows a banner advert), sidebar (which shows a banner advert) and footer.

It felt a little petty to require me to write code to support hiding adverts on one page out of a template. So I pressed Request Review but there wasn’t any fields to enter any explanation, a few vague choices in a drop down which I don’t remember now. So I submitted it for review.

The next day I received an automated mail back to let me know that my review  was complete but that the original decision was upheld. I was still “Policy non-compliant” and the status was “Restricted ad serving” on that page.

Restricted ad serving

Due to violations on this page some ad networks have opted out of showing their ads. This means that the competition for ad units on this page is lower.

Not showing adverts on the login page isn’t something that will impact me on a low traffic site such as Defiance Data.  It just frustrates me that these things come out of the blue and “encourages” me to change the structure of my site with no real way to appeal.

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